Top luxury sports watch PK Nautilus, Royal Oak, vertical and horizontal universal

This is a huge topic, it also involves too many factors, because of this, it has a very good topic and interesting. Timing is the threshold of the complex functions of mechanical watches, but so far, few watchs can be a real factory to make Liufang Chronograph watch sector. Itself is the event for the students, timing and movement of the watch combination, as the best partner. In the high-level sports watch, Nautilus, Royal Oak, vertical and horizontal are the three most characteristics of the times the product is often used to compare the watch fans, today, we have selected three steel chronograph to a simple one Higher and lower. Watch Comments: Patek Philippe, how many people in the eyes of the ultimate pursuit of love the top of the road watch. Nautilus, a senior sports watch for a classic, 40 years of classic never stopped. Modern nautilus, chronograph model is 5980, a steel section, gold models and gold color tone, it replica watches uk looks like Fangfangfang, seems far away, from the Nautilus submarine porthole. This chronograph, not to mention the movement polished, a single function, it is unrivaled - second hand and chronograph seconds share a needle. The central second hand as both an ordinary second hand, but also as a chronograph second hand use, Patek Philippe original. Watch also with flyback time function, coupled with supple operation feel, delicate movement polished, is indeed the top leisure time watch in a rare masterpiece. Table Comments: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, a generation synonymous with high-level leisure watch, in 1972, when the birth of the creative establishment of a special label, "steel watch is not the same as cheap watch." Audemars Piguet Royal Oak has long been open branches scattered, with a wealth of watches, but personally, the ultra-thin basic models, timing style, double time zone is worthy of selection, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, after all, too High-end. This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, the United States in its unique octagonal bezel, uniform platinum screws, smooth curve of the bracelet there are delicate 2385 movement. Of course, to the top of the watch as a standard, it and Patek Philippe, compared to the natural function is much simpler, and this movement is also based on FP movement evolved, however, the price comparison is still a lot cheaper, Fast, only half the price of the nautilus. Table Comments: These three watchs, in addition to representing the world's top three brands in the sports and leisure watch model, while there is a very important feature, all-steel material is really a bit heavy. From the appearance, after the modification of the new vertical and rolex replica horizontal as before the world is not so determined and sharp, but it is more elegant and restrained. In the past, the vertical and horizontal rarely used and compared to the Royal Oak and Nautilus, because in many levels there is still a certain gap, but this year, this gap has become smaller, they can stand in a high degree of confrontation. This chronograph using Vacheron Constantin independent research and development of the automatic chronograph movement 5200, the operation feel good, polished and the design of the movement, but also very beautiful. Summary: From the watch factory on the replica watches technical input of the product, there is no doubt that this is the highest Patek Philippe Nautilus, Vacheron Constantin, the time and place in the world ranked second, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak time there is room to upgrade. Many people will not agree with this view, in fact, many of the basic products have been in love with the basis of the basic movement of the superposition module approach, which can not be said that, after all, the price is lower than others, of course, Audemars Piguet is not missing high-level movement , But not universal core, but some of the cutting-edge technology.